10 weeks + 6 days – Our anniversary weekend

It was our third wedding anniversary on the 23rd August so we arranged to go down to London for the weekend. When I see “we” I actually mean I arranged the trip. It’s always the way with our holidays, if I didn’t organise them we would never go anywhere!

We arranged to stay with my Uncle in Essex and spend the weekend seeing family with a full-on day planned for our Anniversary on Sunday. It was great talking to my Granny, Uncles and Aunties about the baby as my Mum had let them know. I don’t think a pregnant woman ever tires of people congratulating her or asking lots of questions – after all, it is at the forefront of your brain all the time once you find out! We also were lucky enough to come away with a Moses Basket from my cousin that had originally come from my sister so that was one thing to tick off the “Need for baby” list – score!

The Harry Potter Studios Entrance
The Harry Potter Studios Entrance
Me on Platform 9 and 3/4
Me on Platform 9 and 3/4!

We spent the Sunday (our anniversary) at Camden Market, visit to the Harry Potter Studios in Watford then finish with a nice meal out at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant. I am a massive Harry Potter fan and got tickets for my birthday last year and Sam got into the films thanks to me so we had a great time going through all the studios and seeing the behind the scenes tricks and methods. I am also a big foodie and an even bigger lover of Gordon Ramsay so was really excited to be visiting one of his restaurants finally*. We had the tasting menu with Prosecco (sadly none for me – I have decided not to drink at all whilst pregnant which I did find a bit of a struggle at first!) and I was nervous about all the things I couldn’t eat: runny eggs; raw/rare meat; pate; soft cheeses; offal; cured meats. Luckily the waiter was brilliant and knowledgeable and I had pre-warned them when I booked so they only had to substitute one of the courses for me from beef carpaccio (raw slices of marinated beef) to smoked eel which was surprisingly tasty.

The pre-pudding treat at Maze Gordon Ramsay
The pre-pudding treat at Maze Gordon Ramsay

P.S.: I know I sound like I’m moaning about all the foods I can no longer have, it has been one of my biggest struggles since becoming pregnant as I love a rare steak, dippy eggs and brie, but it is important to get clued up on all the food and drink you should avoid whilst pregnant. I thought I’d really struggle with the small amount of caffeine you are allowed but after a few weeks of having one or two cups of normal tea a day before switching to caffeine-free drinks I just swapped to Redbush every time (mostly because I found decaff tea really quite revolting!). A bonus is that it is better for you that builder’s tea and is packed with antioxidants.

It was nice to be able to treat ourselves to a nice weekend away before the baby comes and before we had to start buying the bigger, more expensive items from our list (pram, cot, monitors etc.) especially since I had been feeling perfectly well. The only thing I struggled with was the extreme heat on the Saturday – it was freakishly hot, around 35 degrees celcius and I really felt so exhausted by it so goodness knows how pregnant ladies cope on hot sunny holidays!


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