Our second nephew Eli is born

More exciting baby news – my older sister had baby Eli today. He was a little early and seemingly brought on by her vigorous dancing at a wedding reception last night!

As he was breech and she had an unfortunately unsuccessful external cephalic version (ECV, where they and turn the baby so they are head down) procedure a week or so before she ended up having a caesarean. She was really upset when she was first told the baby hadn’t turned as she was hoping for a home birth but I guess in these circumstances the midwife has to make the best decision for the mum and baby. We met him when he was an hour old and he was gorgeous already with some dark hair and lovely bright eyes looking up at us.

Me holding Eli
Me holding Eli an hour after he was born

It’ll be lovely to have all three cousins being close in age as Harry is two and there will only be about six months between Eli and our baby.


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