An app a day…

Just a quick post about some of the useful pregnancy apps I have been using that you might also find interesting.

Pregnancy +

If you want to see weekly updates on the development of your baby and the changes you will go through along with informative blog posts and examples of 2D, 3D and CGI images for each week of pregnancy Pregnancy + is the app for you. I really like the longer updates for each week of pregnancy and the fun chart telling you what size your baby is each week (going from a poppy seed to a Watermelon ouch) – it helps put it all in context.

It is free at first but at about 16-17 weeks you have to pay a couple of pounds to upgrade to the full version. Clever marketing there – drawing you in then taking the service away!

Baby Centre’s My Pregnancy App

What I love about Baby Centre’s free My Pregnancy app is the daily update you get on the baby’s growth and any changes you might be feeling. It also has in-built “To do” points that I love (obviously) and a space to upload your bumpies every week or fortnight.

Emma’s Diary

Most people will have heard of Emma’s diary website and/or app as that is where you get your handy voucher to take to Boots or Asda for a free Mum to Be kit (you need to remember to do this as you get some wipes, baby oil and lotion along with great vouchers). The app is centered around Emma’s weekly diary and some celeb baby news (not my cup of tea really) so it is interesting but not my personal favourite. Especially since I wanted to keep my own diary or blog throughout.


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