The travel system arrives

After being sent a Groupon link by my friend Karen for a travel system and doing some research – surprise surprise! – we bought a Kinderkraft 3-1 travel system using the voucher which meant is was £220 instead of £500ish. Bargain. We were hoping not to spend too much on our pram so I was really glad that I have helpful friends on the lookout for things for us.

We went for the purple/fuschia option – purple happens to be my favourite colour – as the other two choices were a dark navy and cream. I only had one person comment that “Oh, you must be having a girl then” (urm, we can’t even find out this early!) whereas most other people could sensibly see that purple is a perfectly good neutral colour choice.

Sam after putting the pram up
Sam after putting the pram up

I wanted us to put it together straight away to make sure it was all in good working order and we had all the parts. The only drawback is there were no English instructions! We muddled through with the pictures, my rudimentary understanding of German and French and, finally, a free translator app on the iPad to make sure we had done everything. The good news is it is so easy to put together and slot the various bits on and off the base frame and it fits nicely in the boot of our cars.

YAY – one more big item ticked off the list!

So far we have:

  • The cot – donated by my friend Karen;
  • Two moses baskets, one from my sister and one from our friends Mick and Hayley;
  • A baby bath and lots of muslins, bibs and small blankets from our friends Brook and Becca;
  • Two activity mats from my sister and Karen.

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