Feeling the first kicks

I am 18 weeks pregnant now and, as I thought my bump must be showing a little now I asked Sam to help me take my first ‘tummy out’ “Bumpie” this morning. Looking at it from above I thought it was really quite big (I’ve always had a pretty flat stomach so this was the biggest thing I’ve ever seen on the front of my tummy) so when I saw the side-on photo Sam had taken it really made me laugh at just how small it looked!

My 18 week bump out photo
My 18 week bump out photo

I’ve also been feeling flutters and small movements for 2 weeks but after a big meal with friends tonight they felt even stronger after I got into bed so I put my hands on the area I could feel the movement inside and I felt definite movement on the outside! Like a push outwards. It was so amazing feeling it properly for the first time and Sam felt it too.


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