Maternity Leave Has Started and the Final Countdown has Begun

I finished work yesterday after a half day in the office in the morning. Finally I am on maternity leave, yay! It seems to have come round very quickly and it feels a little surreal to only have 5 weeks to go until my due date.

I had a great morning at work which mostly consisted of handing my laptop back in them getting surprised with lovely presents. I had mentioned that I didn’t have a “first outfit” for the baby for after they are born so they got my a gorgeous white sleepsuit with a matching bib that is super soft and a “Ewan the Dream Sheep” that I has been wanting for ages and had on my Amazon wish list. They also got me some gorgeous flowers and balloons. If that wasn’t enough my boss got me a FitBit – I have wanted one for ages and it’ll be perfect for after the baby is born when I am trying to get fit again and keep active. All it all in was a great last day.

I then treated myself to some lunch and a small shopping trip to Primark to pick up some last minute maternity bits. I wanted a long loose nightie or plain dress to wear whilst in labour before I get in the pool and some big knickers – I’ve heard from all my mummy friends that you can’t have enough of them for the first few weeks and that comfort it everything post-birth!

I don’t know if I’m going to get bored of being off work if I go the full five weeks without baby Lawley making an appearance. I doubt it very much! Weirdly I have quite a lot of plans over the next few weeks with friends and family so I’m looking forward to catching-up with everyone. I am planning on getting on with my final baby prep this week if I can so I can then relax knowing that if the baby is born early everything is ready. Mainly I have been itching to wash all the baby clothes we have now that the drawers are ready so I finally put the first load of baby grows, vests and sheets of to wash today and I realised how generous everyone has been so far. All I’ve done is wash the sets we have received as presents and the couple of sets of plain vests I bought when I first found out I was pregnant and there are still loads of clothes left to wash! I’m glad I didn’t buy too many bits myself as I think we’ve got more than enough for the first three months…see below! That’s probably only about a third of the clothes we have!

Roll on the next five weeks – I’m hoping the chores will get fewer and fewer and I’ll have more hours to relax befor the baby arrives!



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