Cabin Fever, Final Pampering and a Wet Run of the Pool

Cabin fever and final worries

Even though I have been feeling a bit restless and like cabin fever is beginning to set in over the last couple of days I have actually got a lot done again this week! I just don’t cope very well with feeling I have been a bit “lazy” getting up at 9:30/10ish every day then chilling out whilst watching TV until after lunch. But everyone keeps telling me that it is a good idea to make the most of my free time now before the baby arrives. I’m trying not to feel too nervous about that as I cannot wait to meet him/her but I think it’s natural to be a little anxious about the unknown impact that the baby will have on my life and Sam’s!

My “overthinking” has really calmed down a lot since the first few months and I have to thank my Mindful Hypnobirthing book for some of that as it helps and encourages you to acknowledge and then let go of any negative thoughts you have surrounding birth so I have tried to apply this to my thoughts about life once the baby has been born too.

One of my main silly worries that had made me feel a little guilty had been this: will I find it boring!? I love all the time I spend with my family and friends’ kids but I was worried that as a baby doesn’t really do much I would find it a little strange looking after them initially. Oh god, writing that out makes it sound so much worse! But I know that I will just love all the baby cuddles and will probably find myself wishing we were back at that stage when he/she is crawling all over the place.

The other has been the impact having a baby may have on my marriage as it will be such a massive change. We have been through lots of changes and challenges in the 5 and a half years we have been together but this will probably be the biggest. I think this is another natural worry almost every couple must go through whilst pregnant. My hormones for the first few months did make things a little strained at times…ok, there were some massive arguments at times over nothing at all, but my raging hormones and the fact we are both incredibly stubborn and emotional did mean things escalated fairly quickly. That said Sam has been incredibly supportive and patient despite him having his own worries and nerves about becoming a dad so I do know we’ll get through the massive change that is about to happen. I’m lucky to have such an incredibly supportive husband along with fantastic family and friends around for added help and advice.

Last minute pampering

On Monday I had a midwife appointment and everything was perfect in terms of the baby’s heartbeat, position and my blood pressure which is reassuring. She also said she could only feel about 2/5s of the baby’s head which to me means it’s about 3/5s engaged despite my limited maths knowledge!? So I was hoping that something may have happened by now but other than a few aches at the bottom of my bump and top of my thighs on and off there haven’t been any signs of baby Lawley’s arrival yet. Hurry up baby!

After seeing the midwife I went for what will probably be my last hair appointment for a while and it was great to have a little pampering session and a good chat. Then on Wednesday I went to have a Hopi Ear Candles treatment with the lovely Marianne at Calming Therapy Moments in Market Weighton. My hairdresser Tracey recommended Marianne in general for holistic treatments and she had told me about how great the ear candles were so I booked both Sam and me in. It is a natural way of clearing your ears of wax and of clearing out your sinuses without getting your ears syringed. It was really relaxing and worked so well that I will definitely be booking in again. Hopefully Sam will think the same after his session on Monday. I can’t wait until I can go to her for a massage once the baby is here, I do miss a good back and neck treatment.

I know this isn’t “pampering” but it falls into a very similar category for me thanks to how relaxing I find it. I’ve continued to search through my cookbooks for new recipes as as much as I think I cook delicious dishes from scratch every night I have hundreds of unexplored pages in my vast recipe book collection. It has been good to be able to have some time in the day to plan new meals and give them a go. This week I’ve made Gordon Ramsay’s Ginger Beer Battered Cod with sweet potato fries and an absolutely fantastic Vegetarian Paella from Crank’s Fast Food book. Cranks are a renowned veggie cafe that specialise in wholesome, tasty meat-free dishes and the paella was awesome – even Sam loved it so I will definitely be making it again soon. The fish and chips were nice but they didn’t quite hit the spot in the same way as a takeaway portion being enjoyed at Whitby or Scarborough!

Risky Shopping Trip

I know I have used the phrase “the last few bits for the baby/nursery” a few times on my blog and when talking to Sam but this week I was determined to sort of the final final bits I still needed. Or may I wanted some bookshelves for the baby’s room to go on the wall and a night light of so,e kind to use in our room for night feeds so as not to disturb the baby and Sam too much in the first six months. I figured Amazon would be the best place to shop as it’s where I’ve bought most things from for convenience and value reasons.

I’d read a few times on various mum sites and seen on Pinterest that people recommended using IKEA wooden spice racks as kids’ bookshelves as they are cheap and display the books cover forward instead of spine forward. The added bonus? They are just £4 each! After a quick search on Amazon I suddenly realised I’d be paying at least double to buy them there so I decided to go to IKEA on Tuesday instead. It didn’t quite occur to me that going along when it is around an hour away would be a big deal but it turned out Sam thought it was a bit silly when I told him that night what I’d done! He’s become particularly protective over my unaccompanied trips in the last couple of weeks, understandably really. Oh well, everything was fine plus I got to eat some of their delicious meatballs for lunch, yum. The only thing was that they were out of the cute monster-shaped night light I had wanted so I went for a pink lamp instead as my sister said reddish lights at night are the best for you and baby for minimising sleep disturbance, plus you can’t go wrong for £3 can you. Well….unless you spend another £70 on all the other things that strangely made their way into your trolley on the way round the shop(!). I don’t think I’ll be allowed to go by myself again any time soon!

The IKEA spice rack shelves after a lick of paint
The IKEA spice rack shelves after a lick of paint

Wet run of the pool

We finally got around to filling the birth pool with some water this week. We wanted to see how easy it was to get the water the right temperature (it has to be around 37 degrees Celsius) and how long it was take to fill. Oh, and we needed to check the hose attachment worked on our kitchen taps! Needless to say I had been panicking a bit about all of these points and when the optimum time would be to start filling it during labour so that I get in during my second stage but so it’d be the right temperature to give birth in…argh! But the test made me feel much calmer and Sam’s no nonsense attitude also helped as I feel 100% confident he’ll just deal with the pool perfectly at the time.

Bump-out-no-make-up-wearing-an-incredibly-attractive-maternity-bra photo alert…

Relaxing in the half-filled pool

We had left the pool inflated overnight before to check it wasn’t leaking and it did feel ever so slightly softer on the wet run evening but we thought nothing of it at first. After we emptied the pool Sam felt some air coming out at the bottom of it and saw a little crack/split in the plastic near the base. This must have been the cause of the slow air loss. I sent a message to Adele who runs the wonderful La Luna Wellbeing in Hull where we have hired the pool from to let her know and she was just brilliant about it. Even though it was 9pm when I contacted her she sent her business partner/husband out with a replacement pool straight away and we had it by 10pm given the fact we were less than a week from my due date at this stage. I couldn’t recommend Adele and La Luna highly enough and she helps run the Hull and East Riding Home Birth Group so I am looking forward to getting to know her and the other members more once the baby has arrived!


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