6 weeks + 2 days – chasing my midwife appointment

OK, I admit it. I may have chased-up my local midwife service to check they were going to arrange my first “booking” appointment. After initially speaking to them on the 13th July to give them my details and being told the appointment would be between 8-10 weeks…but still, after knowing since I was 3-4 weeks pregnant I felt very impatient to at least have it confirmed by a medical person. I knew I was being slightly silly (and was told that in no uncertain terms by my loving sisters!) but my super organised streak was apparently about to get worse thanks to pregnancy and I couldn’t stand not having the first appointment date in my diary. They probably wrote some sort of note against my name thanks to my annoying texts asking when I was likely to get my appointment.

I can promise that it is normal to start feeling overwhelmed about all of the thoughts popping into your head in the new part of your brain that has seemingly been cleared out to become a baby-only zone. My list-making was starting in earnest as I tried to remember all the little titbits of information pregnant friends had told me and that my various Google and baby site searches had uncovered. I can’t only be me with my overthinking tendencies, surely….!?

The start of my "to do" list
The start of my “to do” list

Sam thinks I am being a bit over the top but my mind is already thinking about March when the baby will be here and then working backwards, plotting when all the big/expensive purchases need to be made. We need to spread out all the costs so, to me, having a list of things to do and buy is the easiest way to keep on top of everything. I think if it’ll help you organise your thoughts do just write down a list of things you want to look into buying. It really helped me feel slightly less overwhelmed by it all and I knew it’d help when asking friends and family about what essentials I would and wouldn’t need.


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