5 weeks + 4 days – time to tell my Mum

OK OK…I managed to wait a week until I persuaded Sam that it’d be nice to let my Mum, Step-Dad and younger sister know that I was expecting. We decided to tell them the news under the guise of showing them the progress we had made in the house over the last few weeks over Facetime (we moved in in April and had quite a few cosmetic and general DIY jobs to do…realistically it is the Royal “we” as Sam has done most of it!).

After showing them the spruced up garden and our newly decorated bedroom I then took them to the spare room that we had spent the last week or so painstakingly stripping wallpaper from. After panning around the room I told them that we now had a deadline to finish the room by March next year. Cue a few seconds’ thinking time before the penny dropped and my Mum asked us excitedly if we were being serious! It was great – their lovely reaction to our news just made us feel even more thrilled about it ourselves!

Me, my Mum and Sabra
Me, my Mum and Sabra

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