20 week scan

Today is finally the day we can see the baby again. We were both a little nervous about the scan which is to be expected as they check everything thoroughly to make sure the baby is developing normally. Luckily for us everything was perfect and it was fascinating to see their tiny heart beating on the screen, inside their skull and their tiny face and feet! Oh, and we are team neutral still – we didn’t find out if we’re having a girl or a boy. Just 20 weeks to go until we find out…!

After about 15 minutes of the sonographer doing all her checks she then tried to get us a good photo to take away. Unfortunately by this point the baby seemed pretty fed up of being poked and prodded by her and refused to move from one position. This resulted in the only shot of them being a face-on slightly creepy skull floating on the screen – maybe perfect for Halloween but not for our only other photo of our baby! We tried to get them to move by jiggling about but she finally suggested I got for a walk for 10 minutes before coming back to try again. Luckily this worked as a few of my friends had to come back another day just to get a photo! What a pain.

Our 20 week scan
Our 20 week scan

By the end of the scan I was starting to feel pretty achey at the bottom of my abdomen as all my muscles feel very tight there at the moment anyway and she was pressing quite hard throughout. Needless to say this evening I was feeling pretty sore all around my bump area thanks to the poking and prodding I had endured at the hospital! I guess they have to move the probe around so much to try and find all the different areas to check it is to be expected.


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