Time to start taking it easy

I spent the weekend in London with two of my best friends for a final farewell to Clara who is going to New Zealand in November for 18 months. There are four of us in our group of friends, we all met at college when we moved into halls of residence at the tender age of 17/18 and have been best friends ever since, but unfortunately only three of us could make this weekend.

In London with Emily and Clara
In London with Emily and Clara

It was a fantastic weekend and we met up with one of our other close friends Amy for a busy Saturday including walking around the amazing Borough Market (cue my sadness at having to avoid most of the cheeses, cured meats and nice fizz and mulled wines) then seeing some of the tourist sites. We then agreed to meet that evening for a couple of drinks in a local bar. I was feeling quite tired after spending the whole day on my feet but got ready and headed out to the bar…then instantly regretted my choice! It was so busy thanks to the rugby being on earlier in the day and I found that my tolerance for drunk people being within knocking distance of me was at zero. We stayed for a couple of hours before I’d had enough – luckily everyone was understanding.

I definitely felt it the next day and felt shattered and quite achey from being on my feet for so long. I have realised that now is the time to take it a little more easy, after all I am half way through now despite still having a pretty small bump. I even caved and asked for help with my bad when I got off the train as I just couldn’t face lugging it up and down the stairs – that’s progress for me.

A long soak in a warm bath when I got home did go some way to ease my aching muscles but I think I will be feeling it for the rest of this week. Ask any of my friends or family and they will tell you I am very competitive so I have found it hard having to slow down and not do as much but after this weekend I have certainly seen that my limits are much lower now and there is no benefit it pushing myself and tiring myself out completely.


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