Spiralling chocolate addiction

It’s been getting worse since my previous declaration that I am now a bit of a chocoholic. Never before would I have gone down the confectionery aisle in the supermarket…if I did it was with Sam and he got chocolate and I didn’t. This isn’t due to some “holier than thou”, clean-living lifestyle choice – I’ve just never had a sweet tooth. Cheese has always been my guilty pleasure. But I have a confession…I went to the shop by myself at lunchtime last week to get some bits for tea that night and got myself some Milka (if I was ever tempted to eat any chocolate in the past this has been my favourite). Oh dear. (I did buy Sam some chocolate too, I wasn’t completely selfish!)

That’s just the start. What’s even worse is that I have been looking up Milka advent calendars on Amazon – they’re around £15. Fifteen bloody quid. And yet I still nearly bought one. My developing sweet tooth has definitely started turning into an actual problem now! I resisted buying the extortionate advent calendar from Germany and vowed to buy myself a bog standard but perfectly nice Cadbury’s one next time I saw one to match Sam’s. Only that plan went a bit wrong too. When I went down the seasonal aisle in Morrison’s at the weekend I spotted a luxurious Lindt advent calendar filled with their Lindor balls, chocolate reindeer and even a mini Santa. It was £5. I spent a fiver on twenty-four pieces of chocolate. YES. You heard right. I don’t even get one on actual Christmas Day! And yet I bought it without a second thought.

My tasty hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream
My tasty hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream

Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. One of our winter traditions has always been hot chocolates with marshmallows and lots of squirty cream. Pre-pregnancy I would also add in a shot of Baileys or Jack Daniel’s for added warmth. The hot chocolate treats have started in earnest this week and I forced Sam to have one two nights in a row this week – sharing the unhealthy choices does make me feel less guilty! Last night I had a warm milk to trick myself that it was as comforting as it’s chocolately cousin but I ended up going to bed wishing I had added a couple of teaspoons of Nutella to it. Add to that my decadent Black Forrest Hot Chocolate from Costa this lunchtime (with added cream of course – I dread to think of this week’s calories and grams of sugar coming purely from chocolate products) and you start to get an idea of the full extent of my spiralling addiction.

…I need an intervention!


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