New found love for chocolate

Lots of people have asked me if I’ve had any cravings since being pregnant and I don’t really think I have. I’ve always loved pickled things and have had a slight obsession with eating more olives than usual recently but nothing strange or out of the ordinary.

The only big change I have had is my new found tendency to eat chocolate or sweet things like biscuits and cakes at work. I think I have probably eaten more chocolate in the last couple of months of pregnancy than I have my whole life! I have been good and not eaten loads but you have to understand – it has gone from practically no chocolate (I have always avoided it as it triggers my migraines) to choosing a chocolatey pudding over anything else when I’m out, very strange behaviour for me. I usually avoid the biscuit drawer at work and never have chocolate in my own drawer of food, I have always been a crisps person and have never had a sweet tooth.

Caffe Gelato's Nutella pancakes
Caffe Gelato’s Nutella pancakes

My new ‘problem’ culminated in ordering a massive plate of Scotch pancakes covered in Nutella sauce with added Nutella ice cream today at an amazing ice cream parlour called Caffe Gelato near my work. Even Sam was shocked – he’s never seen me order anything like that before! I did only eat half of it, I had eyes bigger than belly, but that half was very tasty indeed! I’m going to have to try and have some sweeter fruit at hand at all times to try and go for that instead – grapes, melon and pineapple are just as nice as chocolate, right…?


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