This has been one of the biggest things I have been over thinking – all the money we would need to spend after I got pregnant. I know there are lots of pitfalls that’ll result in you spending far too much money when you get pregnant. All the apps and websites you go on have lists of the “25 ESSENTIAL items you must buy when you get pregnant” and if you didn’t have friends who had been through it all before I can see how you could easily impulse-buy all of the items.

I have never been a big spender really – the occasional treat here and there, lunches or dinners out were probably where I spent the most money each month as I love nice food! But then I met Sam, one of the tightest people I have ever met. He has always been extremely sensible/boring with his money – he doesn’t really buy lots of new clothes (I try to make him buy some occasionally!) and his hobbies mostly involve cars and motorbikes so the only outgoings he would have are the vehicles initially then fuel really. So his influence has meant that I have now been saving every month for the last few years. It also means I overthink every purchase! It is mostly a good thing to double check I need/want the item but it even frustrates him how indecisive I can be sometimes.

What has been bothering me the most recently has been the idea that I have had to buy items of clothing out of necessity as I have outgrown my “normal” clothes pretty much. It’s much more fun to buy clothes because you want to! I can get into my work dresses still but along with the jeans/trousers I talked about before I have had to invest in some bigger/longer tops to accommodate my growing bump. ‘Tis the season of the Christmas party so a new dress would always be an end of November/early December purchase. What I quickly came to realise was how little choice there was with my usual online shops for a range of nice, sparkly maternity going out dresses. I also didn’t want to shell out a fortune for a maternity  dress as I won’t be able to wear it again afterwards, whereas a normal dress would get far more wear. I sound stingy I know. After despairing a little I checked ASOS and I am pleased to say I found a far better range of dresses to choose from. I chose two dresses… One is a bodycon style as I quite like the tight look on my small bump at the moment.the other is a blue/green sequin number that is slightly less tight. After they arrived and I tried them on I chose the bodycon style one. Here’s me trying it on first thing this morning for a photo for on here so excuse the lack of face (make-up and hair not done yer!) and shoes. I will put a glammed-up photo up after the party on Thursday! I’m hoping the addition of some heels and my faux fur jacket will add some festive glitz to the outfit.

All of this is on top of Christmas presents too! I was very organised and have been buying presents since October but I keep on seeing things I want to get for people. I can’t help myself – I love getting people treats.

I have also have to buy a new coat as the amazing Belstaff Sam got me last Christmas is barely fitting now unfortunately. I found a good deal for one on New Look’s website and it arrived last week but unfortunately it was no good. A bit on the thin/cheap side with no pockets! No good for winter. I will have to make do for a while and keep my eye out for any deals I see.

It’s not just clothing I am worrying about, I promise – I’m not that shallow or small minded. The other thing that’s on my mind is the list of non-negotiable items we still have to buy for the baby or do in the house ahead of the baby arriving:

  • Moses basket and cot mattresses;
  • Baby monitor (with the history of cot death in my family I think we’re going to have to get an Anglecare system with the sensor pad);
  • A new bed for us, ours is old now and giving us both backache – we’re hoping to find something in the January sales;
  • A new laptop – once I am made redundant in February we won’t have one, just an iPad, and we need one if I’m going to do some work from home during my maternity leave;
  • Walling-in the stairs in our living room to keep the sound and heat downstairs.

Along with all the other smaller items (changing mat, a few more baby clothes, blankets, nappies…etc.) we are going to have to space out these bigger outgoings over the next few months. By spreading them out we should be able to make these purchases each month without going into our savings if we’re sensible.


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