Baby Brain and the Best Surprise Ever

Serious brain lapses

I’ve had two incredibly stupid moments this week. I mean, usually I can be a bit forgetful or disorganised at times but I did take it to a new extreme at the start of the week.

We went to our Baby Resus session at Hull Royal Hospital on Monday (which was absolutely brilliant and really informative, I’d definitely recommend a similar session to anyone who is pregnant). I got the directions to the building when I booked the course and we left in more than enough time so we were nice and early…but when we got to the car park I realised I hadn’t brought any change with us for parking, oh dear. Luckily we had time to get to the cash point at the main part of the hospital to get some cash. One thing Sam hates is the fact that I am late for everything and I certainly didn’t help matters that morning!

On Tuesday night we went to see a production of Ghost the Musical in York as I was reviewing it for a magazine I write for. Again, we left in more than enough time to park close by so we only had a short walk given that I am now feeling pretty pregnant. Plus I had made sure that we had change for the car park so I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for being so organised for once. That was until we walked to York’s Theatre Royal around the corner to see that it was still closed for refurbishments…cue me manically checking my emails to find the actual venue’s location, silently praying “please don’t tell me it’s in Leeds not York!”, to find that it was at York’s Grand Opera House about 10 minutes down the road at a very brisk walk. So much for saving us a trek in the drizzle…Sam was not happy! We got there in time though after everything! Here’s my review in case you were interested.

36 Week Midwife Appointment

The only momentary downer this week was the midwife and the student midwife at my appointment on Wednesday not being able to tell 100% which way round the baby was lying. As they couldn’t agree they sent me to Hull Hospital that afternoon for a scan to double check, especially as they would have to come up with a new birth plan for me if the baby was breech. I have to admit, I did have a little cry in the car as I was panicked at the thought of my plan maybe having to change to a C-Section. Luckily, the second the midwife at hospital had a feel first and the second she did she said she was 99% sure the baby was head down. Luckily the subsequentscan confirmed the fact. My home birth plan is still on. Phew.

Huge Surprise

Our plan today was to head up the road to one of our favourite pubs for lunch with our friends Scott and Donna. We were the meet them there at about 12 and the pub is notoriously busy so I was expecting to wait a bit for a table. I was also, sorry to say Scott!, expecting them to be running a little late so once we had been there for half an hour with no sign of them I didn’t find it too unusual. Sam had been popping in and out of the pub to phone him to see where they were and just as we finally got sat down he phoned him again then came back in to say Scott’s car had broken down so we’d have to go and help him out. I offered to stay at the pub (which I would soon find out was a very unhelpful offer!) to keep our table but Sam said we should both go and we could just get a table again when we got back.

Apparently his car had broken down not far from his house, just round the corner from us, so we popped home first for Sam to get a diagnostic tool to help. I said I’d just sit in the car (again, as I was about to find out, not ideal for Sam…but in my defence I did think I was being helpful at the time!) as I thought there was no point getting out. Sam said he couldn’t find it but I knew where it was so just told him where it was from the car…I was getting pretty bored of waiting for my lunch now! Next thing, Sam brings the house phone out to me as my Mum had phoned – she was saying they were just about to head ’round with my Granny who was visiting as she hadn’t seen our house yet. I started to explain how unfortunately we couldn’t as we were meeting friends for lunch when I heard a coaster being knocked off by one of the cats inside so I finally got out the car to see what was going on…

…and as I went into the living room I got a massive shock! My Mum, Step-Dad, sisters, nephews, Dad, his wife, Granny, Aunty and our close friends Scott, Donna, Brook, Becca and their little boy Ryder were in the house! I felt so overwhelmed by the surprise and pretty embarrassed that I was only just telling my Mum how it wasn’t convenient for her to come ’round to ours a few seconds before. Oops! The house was full of balloons and party food that Sam and all of the guests had organised – I couldn’t believe it! What a lovely surprise, I really had no clue and didn’t suspect a thing, Sam had apparently been organising everything for a month to make everyone could make it. Plus he got lots of help from our lovely friends this week to get all the food ready.

My lovely cake decorated by Sam.
So the last thing Sam and all the surprise guests needed was me refusing to get out of the car when they had been patiently waiting inside for ages. Oh dear!

So I feel like a very lucky girl with a wonderful husband and fantastic family and friends. What a lovely surprise. I had thought I probably wasn’t going to have a baby shower of any kind so I hadn’t suspected a thing, Sam did a great job sorting everything out in secret!

The metaphorical icing on the cake was all the fab, thoughtful presents everyone got the baby – all in all a totally awesome afternoon.




2 thoughts on “Baby Brain and the Best Surprise Ever

  1. Those forgetful incidents sound like the kind of thing that happens to me all to regularly – and I’m not pregnant! Really love reading your blog, it’s refreshingly honest and I feel like I’ve been through it al with you. Take care, Miriam x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To be honest Miriam I did have a few of these incidents before but I have suffered from serious baby brain since being pregnant! I have to laugh about it! Aww thank you, that has been my aim with the blog so I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it. x


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