Our nephew Harry’s birthday party

It was out nephew Harry’s second birthday party the day after we found out we were pregnant but Sam asked if we could keep our news secret until we got to 12 weeks/our first scan just to make sure everything was OK. I reluctantly agreed – I was suddenly filled with an overwhelming urge to tell literally everyone I knew – and everyone on the street really – our news! But there’s no casual way to drop it into conversation really is there?

Colleague 1: “Morning Emily. Would you like a cuppa?”

Me: “Yes please. A Redbush tea….I’M PREGNANT!!!!…. with a tiny splash of milk please.”

Not subtle. At all.

But I agreed (for now…) and told myself it wasn’t a good idea to take the focus away from Harry at his own party either. It was hard though as it was almost the ideal setting to announce it to everyone with my Mum, Step-Dad, Dad, his wife and my younger sister all in one place. Plus the fact that my older sister Laura was also in on our secret! I will just have to wait a bit longer to tell more people – I think this will be hard to do!

Harry in his teepee!
Harry in his teepee!

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