First “Bumpie”

We all know about the selfie and, unfortunately the “Belfie” (a photo of your own bum, *cringe*) but what about the “Bumpie”? I think women have been taking photos of their bumps and the progression of their growing bellies for years before the photos were given the title.

Sam and I decided to take a photo every four weeks to start with the first one being the 4/5 week side-on photo below. Oh – and to really see the difference in the size of the bump I am going to wear the same clothes in each one for consistency. Yes, a bit anal but it’ll look great in the end!

My 4 Week Bumpie
My 4 Week Bumpie

A friend of mine got all hers put into a little photo book (thanks to a Bounty Pack Snapfish voucher I think) and I think that’s what I’ll do too with the final photo being of the baby when it is first born. A nice memento of the pregnancy.


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