That In-Between Stage

For a few weeks now I have been feeling my “normal” trousers and jeans feeling a little tighter even though there was no real sign of a bump at all. Despite eagerly awaiting the arrival of a bump there obviously must be enough change in the size of your tummy to make your trousers start to feel quite uncomfortable. Nothing to do with my new found love for chocolate I’m sure….!

I did invest in some maternity jeggings fairly early – someone at work said it is best to try and get as much wear out of them as possible rather than only 2-3 months if you are going to spend the money. I got some under the bump style black jeggings from New Look (they have a great maternity selection but I actually got them in a recent ASOS sale), also a recommendation of my colleague. She said the over the bump ones could be too big for a long time with the big flap of material being designed more for big baby bumps.

Up until now, however I have found them to be too big and gaping, especially at the back due to the short elasticated band running around the top of the jeggings. So I have made do wearing my old trousers and jeans for work but making a DIY spacer out of a hair bobble! Wow, writing that out makes me sound so tight fisted! My little sister did it whilst she was pregnant and I found myself thinking “Jeez, buy some maternity jeans already”…that was until I tried it. It has been a godsend ever since I have been in this “in-between” stage of slightly too big for my usual clothes but too small for maternity options. You just loop the bobble on itself round the edge of the button hole then wrap the long end ‘round the button as many times as you need. The likelihood is you’ll be able to have your zip done all the way up to the top the start with but, as you can see from the photo below, I can’t anymore! And these were my baggiest jeans too. You can buy proper spacers online but I thought for a short while this would do.

My hair bobble expander
My hair bobble expander

*Top Tip: DON’T let yourself get pretty desperate for a wee whilst you are using the hair bobble spacer. Talking from experience, when you are bursting for the loo and then have to spend an extra few second un-looping a bobble from your button it feels like HOURS and it leaves you close to the danger zone! Plan ahead, especially since you will be going to the loo far more often now anyway!

I did wear my maternity jeggings for the first time on Friday and they definitely fitted a little better than when I first tried them on about a month ago. They were still a little baggy around the back of the band, though, and every time I got up from my desk I did have to hoik them up. Another lady at work said this was pretty normal and to expect maternity trousers and jeans to only fit really well for a few weeks throughout the entire pregnancy. I think I am just going to make do with my lovely comfy maternity tights and leggings (I really don’t think I will be able to go back to normal tights and put up with them cutting into my hips or waist all day after the baby arrives! Best purchase so far in terms of my clothes for sure.) and my normal dresses for as long as I can get into them!


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